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Course-by-Course Evaluation
(Incomplete Education, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD)

  • Gives an equivalent for each Diploma, Certificate, or Transcript (Grade report, Examination record, Marks sheet) submitted for evaluation.
  • Presents dates of attendance and institution location.
  • Describes profile of the institution and programs (entrance criteria, status of the institution in this country, typical and real length of study).
  • Recommends the U.S. equivalent of each level of study and credential earned.
  • Provides a list of courses/ subjects studied, major/ minor or area of concentration.
  • Converts instruction hours (lectures, laboratory, independent supervised course projects).
  • Semester or Quarter Units of Credit for all post-secondary level courses.
  • Converts grades into equivalent U.S. grades A, B, C, D, F for each course evaluated.
  • Calculates an overall Grade Point Average (G.P.A.).
  • Identifies courses level as Degree level; Lower or Upper division; Undergraduate courses; Graduate level courses; Professional level courses for each Post-secondary course evaluated.

Used for:
Continuation of Education, College or University admission, Employment, Immigration, Licensing, Military Enlistments

Price: $305 - first degree

$150 - every other degree

  I reviewed and I Agree with Procedures and Policies for Processing Applications


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