Procedures and Policies for Processing Applications

1. Acceptance of Evaluations

Applicants are advised to contact the agencies or institutions to which the evaluations are to be submitted to make sure that evaluations from private evaluation services are recognized/accepted. 

2. Reports

Reports are based on the legible copies presented FCI can take no responsibility for forged or altered copies. Interested parties are explicitly advised that evaluation reports should be considered incomplete unless an applicant can present original documents together with the evaluation report. When it has been determined by FCI that a document has been forged or altered in any way, no evaluation will be prepared and the fee will be refunded minus a $50.00 charge for the preliminary evaluation. 

3. Resources used in preparing an evaluation report

Every effort is made to consult current published and relevant resources in order to provide the most accurate evaluation possible consistent with the purpose of the request. 

4. Mailing

All correspondence is by first class mail. Evaluations are normally sent via first class mail. If certified or express mail is required, an additional fee of $30.00 must be submitted at the time of the application. 

5. Re-evaluation

Re-evaluations based on documents not submitted with the original report are considered to be new evaluations, and a second payment of the basic fee is required. When an applicant requests that a document-by-document report be changed to a course-by-course report, the course-by-course fee of $150.00 is required.

6. Archive Copies

Evaluation reports and credentials are archived by FCI for three years. Additional copies may be ordered during this period at the prices quoted above. 

FCI reserves the right to refuse any application submitted for processing and evaluation.